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Getting Started with APIC-EM

Get Set up

The Cisco DevNet site provides pre-configured Cisco APIC-EM controllers running in secure, sandboxed test environments that are ideal for use with this guide. You can use these DevNet sandboxes to try out APIC-EM features immediately without having to deploy and configure your own controller and test network.

I already have an APIC-EM controller

If you already have a working APIC-EM system, you can skip this section.

I need a APIC-EM controller

DevNet provides FREE 24 X 7 hosted labs for integrating and working with Cisco technologies such as Cisco APIC-EM. The APIC-EM sandboxes are available in different formats depending on your use case:
* always-on sandbox with a database only
* reservation-based sandbox with a database only
* reservation-based sandbox with real hardware

The always-on sandbox provides a publically available shared environment that can be accessed at anytime to try out the APIC-EM controller and learn the fundamentals of it. The controller can be accessed directly either by the Web user interface or the APIC-EM REST APIs. Reservation based sandboxes are private preconfigured labs with all resources dedicated to you for the duration of the reservation. You have the ability to install your own application and, if desired, share the lab with other users.

Check out the APIC-EM Sandboxes to learn more.

Next Steps

The API Reference Documentation provides a list of all of the API methods and the details for how to make each request. When you are starting to work with a new API, the API Reference is one of the most important sources of information.

We recommend starting with Coding 101 – REST Basics in the learning labs to get you familiar with making APIC-EM REST API calls

Another great starting point is our Hello World tutorial which will show you how to make API requests using the HTTP client Postman and then via writing code using Python.

To dive deeper into getting information about your network, managing devices, prioritizing network traffic and more, check out the complete Getting Started with Cisco APIC-EM guide.