About Cisco Code Exchange

The Cisco Code Exchange provides code examples and automation use cases in an online, curated set of code repositories with a filtered search feature and ability to run examples in a browser-based integrated development environment (IDE). In Code Exchange, with thousands of code repositories, you can find examples created and maintained by Cisco engineering teams, community contributors, ecosystem partners, open source communities, and individual developers. You can publish open-source projects that help users automate the network, work with cloud providers, and support integrations with Cisco solutions. Use these code examples to jumpstart app development and integrations using Cisco platforms, products, APIs, and SDKs. Use the filters to identify examples organized by technology area, by programming language, or by recently updated and recommended tags. Submit your own examples using the Submit Project workflow.

Key Features

  1. View a curated collection code repositories related to all Cisco platforms.
  2. Run code examples in the browser-based integrated development environment so that you requre fewer local dependencies.
  3. Discover solutions using filters and search features.
  4. Click through to the repository on GitHub for direct access to the code.

Get your code in Code Exchange

Meet these base requirements:
  1. Be relevant to Cisco technologies.
  2. Be publicly available on GitHub.
  3. Licensed under an OSI-approved open source license or the Cisco Sample Code License .
  4. Have clear technical documentation such as a good README file.

Then fill out the form and we will take a look!

A score of 1-10 is assigned based on an automated analysis of how well a repository meets the base requirements as well as some metrics from GitHub (forks, stars, watchers). We use this score to aid our assessment of your submission; however, scores are simply one factor in determining if a repository should be published in Code Exchange. Scores are recalculated periodically to account for changes to your repository over time.

Note: All users should inspect the repository for any usage or contributing process questions. Cisco DevNet is not certifying or maintaining the content of all repositories. If you see an issue or have a question about a project, raise it with the project maintainers. If you see an issue or have a question about Code Exchange itself, please report it by email to askcodeexchange@cisco.com .