Who should attend?

Developers, engineers and data scientists, IT professionals, entrepreneurs - any and all of you currently leveraging networking, security, artificial intelligence, machine learning and/or deep learning infrastructure and platforms to deliver new capabilities, automate your networks and optimizing the deployment, operations, and life cycle of your applications.

What is DevNet Create?

DevNet Create is more than a conference - it's a community.

It's a community that lets you roll up your sleeves and co-create with apps and infrastructure. It's a community that explores the intersection between code and infrastructure. It's a safe place to See it. Learn it. Code it.

In its fourth year, DevNet Create is looking beyond APIs to explore leading-edge topics like automation, DevOps, and Enterprise Automation. We will discuss how to approach Design, User Experience and APIs. We'll cover IoT, Edge and Mobile. And new this year, it's our mission to showcase your own, individual Cisco API projects.

DevNet Create is designed to get developers thinking about - and building - the next big thing. We're here to instill savvy time savers into every enterprise application you build. It's a great opportunity to dig into Network automation, Cloud and DevOps. Learn more about leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning concepts into your day-to-day projects. Watch your peers in the community share their challenges and solutions for better network automation.

Come be part of an engaging, practitioner-led developer community that inspires, empowers and ignites the learning and use of new tools, frameworks, and methodologies to provide for rapid innovation in the enterprise.

Choose from a variety of tech talks, live demos, lightning talks and much more for this brand new virtual DevNet Create experience. Explore use cases that are influenced by global regions and join sessions covering simple code with functional application. Learn about the following tech topics from community experts.

Automation, DevOps, and Enterprise Transformation

Real time data, AI/ML, and programmable infrastructure are changing the way you do business. Making smart business decisions require data collection, analysis of that data, and visibility into data. What tools and methodologies help you make the right decisions? How are these new technologies used in the enterprise and what problems are they solving? What kind of data is generated and what business insights are created?​ And what challenges are you solving in your automation journey?

Design, User Experience, and APIs

Thoughtful design during a project results in an engaging and useful experience for your end user. This design work is not limited to the end solution but touches on the building blocks necessary to get to that end solution. What methods, tactics, and processes help you keep 'user first' in development experiences?​

IoT, Edge, and Mobile

From the data center to IoT and mobile devices, applications and their infrastructure must evolve to meet the new demands of connected devices. Developers and architects have new decisions to make - where an application should run, how the application is deployed, and how to make the application secure. How are you making this a reality in your work environment?

APIs in Action

Discover how industry peers have created killer apps using Cisco platforms or maybe saved teams loads of time with an amazing automation workflow. Learn about projects that use Cisco IoT, Security, Network, Collaboration, Meraki APIs and more from the global community. Explore unique projects that help educate, collaborate, and innovate with your app and infrastructure peers.


Start Now

Start with a curated list of learning content to begin your DevNet journey. If you are new to programming and want to take your skills to the next level, this is the track for you! Follow along with guided, hands-on, learning with a Cisco technology or platform and learn about the APIs. From free labs to Code Exchange repositories, start here to get practical use cases to jump-start your learning journey.

Why attend?

From year to year, you are faced with something new. It can come in the form of ideas, tools, frameworks, and methodologies that have to be learned and experimented with to determine effectiveness to a project or organization.

DevNet Create brings together experts to learn from and provide opportunities to figure out the tough technologies and explore opportunities to network with those who are already making the most of the new - while getting you to that next level, and beyond.

With a mix of learning sessions including keynotes, tech talks, lightning talks and more - you'll have multiple opportunities to learn something new.

You'll be exposed to introductory and advanced topics on data analytics, AI/ML, network automation, DevOps, IoT and much, much more.

So save the date and plan to join us on October 13th, 2020.