Who should attend?

Cisco DevNet Create is for everyone! Our virtual two-day global event that offers multiple channels and topics that you can pick from to create your own experience. New to coding? Learn about what DevNet has to offer and jump into a coding session. Already an expert? Catch technical deep dives, lightning talks and demos with code tips & tricks, and more. Join us for a fun, interactive learning experience where you can connect with others in the community - we have something for everyone!

What is Cisco DevNet Create?

Cisco DevNet Create is more than a conference - it's a community.

Now in its fifth year, DevNet Create provides a great opportunity to learn from others in the community on a wide range of topics in the software development, cloud infrastructure, and infrastructure automation space. Explore ideas on how to approach design, user experience, and APIs when building applications. Learn tips for increasing performance and security or learn how to design an application to be cloud-first. DevNet Create dives into topics in IoT, Edge and Mobile computing, AI/ML, and how they can be leveraged to increase customer relevance, application performance, or drive innovation.

DevNet Create is a conference that lets application developers learn about, or even co-create, with apps and infrastructure. Discover best practices for working with Cisco APIs, see real-world use case backed by code repos on DevNet Code Exchange and Automation Exchange and learn about efficient ways to use tools, technologies, and sandboxes. Infrastructure developers can explore leading-edge topics like orchestration, DevOps, infrastructure as Code, Secure Access Service Edge, Full Stack Observability, and more.

Come be part of an inclusive, engaging, practitioner-led developer community that inspires and empowers you with ideas that can advance your projects with greater speed and agility.

Why attend?

From year to year, everyone is faced with new projects and challenges. It can come in the form of ideas, tools, frameworks, and methodologies that have to be learned and experimented with to determine effectiveness to a project or organization.

DevNet Create brings together experts to learn from and provides you with opportunities to figure out the tough technologies and explore opportunities to network with those who are already making the most of the new - while getting you to that next level, and beyond.

With a mix of learning sessions including keynotes, tech talks, lightning talks and more - you'll have multiple opportunities to learn something new.

Save the date and join us at our free virtual event! AMERICAS: Oct 19-20, 2021, APJC and EMEAR: Oct 20-21, 2021.

Choose from a variety of tech sessions, demos, lightning talks and much more in our virtual DevNet Create experience. Learn about the following tech topics from community experts.

Customer and User Experience

Whenever you’re developing an app, the user experience is most important and often determines its success. Have you built an app that had great adoption? What best practices, methods and tactics did you use to keep the user first in the development process? Share your tips and tricks and lessons learned so other developers can learn from your experiences. We want to hear what tools and methodologies you employ to ensure your app users have an easy-to-use, thoughtful, accessible, and inclusive experience.

Simplicity and Cloud-First

Are you building cloud-native applications? Do you have insights to share about how you overcame a common challenge along the way? Have you found creative ways to leverage the best of multiple clouds for your app? Or maybe you’ve found ways to simplify your users’ experience through cloud technologies? Share best practices from your own experiences with our community so that when they build an app in the cloud, they’ll know how to navigate.

Visibility and Automation

From application developers to SREs, cloud to on-prem infrastructure engineers, everyone benefits from better visibility into their environment. Recent advancements in Full-Stack Observability have helped bring multiple disparate data sources together to provide better insights to app owners and SREs, using advanced data aggregation and processing through AI and ML. Come share what you are doing to ensure your applications are performing at their best and how you get visibility into the data you need to derive insights and improve application performance.

Security Built-In

In a cloud-first world, applications, infrastructure, and connected devices bring new levels of complexity to organizations wanting to ensure the security of their applications and users. Developers and architects have new decisions to make: Where should an application run? How should the application be deployed? How can the application be secured? If you are making this a reality in your work environment and building in a security first approach, we want to hear from you. What advice do you have to align modern DevSecOps culture and workflows?


Interoperability and Quality

Application developers today must ensure that their applications not only perform reliably, but also offer great APIs for integrations with other apps. In this track, come share your experiences making high quality apps and how you ensure they perform well build after build. Tell us your stories about how you’ve built robust APIs, or how you have built integrations to applications when an API wasn’t available.