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What are Developer Challenges?
Developer Challenges are contests that allow developers to showcase their skills by creating solutions using Cisco APIs, SDKs, tools, and web services.

Why should I participate?
By competing in a Cisco Developer Challenge, not only will you gain valuable experience, but you also have the chance to have your work recognized and/or win prizes.

Current Challenges

Cisco Data Virtualization Web UI Design Challenge

Cisco Data Virtualization is agile data integration software that makes it easy for you to abstract and view your data, no matter where it resides, alleviating the difficult challenges associated with distributed, on-premises big data and cloud environments. With our integrated data platform, you can query all types of data across the network as if it were in a single place.

This Cisco Data Virtualization Challenge is for an intuitive web-based user interface design. Competitive participants will have strong UI design skills, high familiarity with Excel and popular reporting tools, and the ability to visualize and design a compelling UI for blending, transforming and summarizing complex data. This and future challenges will contribute to an upcoming next-generation Cisco Data Virtualization app.

About the Challenge:
In this challenge, we invite you to design a user experience for non-programmer business users who need to select, blend, transform and summarize complex data sets to make key business decisions. The goal of this challenge is to storyboard an intuitive interface to query multiple data sets and visually design the data blending and transformation process.

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Results of previous Challenges

Top 5 winners from the Jabber Idea Generation Challenge

First Place:
Edify CMS

Edify CMS Integrates Cisco's Jabber Instant Messaging, Voice and Video into an existing CMS to allow students to get help from anyone in their class, school, school district, or an outside tutor network.

Read more about the idea.

Second Place:
Cisco Jabber SDK for Social Network Ecosystem

Cisco Jabber SDK for Social Network Ecosystem uses Jabber SDK to improve the interactions between team members located in different parts of the world and managing confidential information; or share video content between a small group of people and be in control of what happens there, while avoiding external restrictions.

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Third Place:
Cisco Jabber SDK for Web - Bank Portal

Cisco Jabber SDK for Web - Bank Portal incorporates features of Jabber Web SDK into the banking portal so customers can interact with bank's phone support instead of placing calls from their phones.

Read more about the idea.

Fourth Place:
Cisco Jabber SDK for Enterprise Applications

Cisco Jabber SDK for Enterprise Applications uses IM and Chat features to improve productivity and enhance communication in DROPBOX (related services) website.

Read more about the idea.

Fifth Place:
Cisco Jabber Assisted Application Deployment and Monitoring

Cisco Jabber Assisted Application Deployment and Monitoring focuses on the interaction between an app (e.g. Nagios monitoring, Django app, Munin monitoring, Linux cron app), Cisco Jabber SDK, and a receiving client (e.g. IMr inside Outlook, or Cisco powered IM app on mobile) to enhance deployment and monitoring tools.

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