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DevNet Zone at Cisco Live

We’re now bringing DevNet to Cisco Live, Milan in January 2015.

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Find out what happened in the DevNet Zone at Cisco Live, San Francisco by browsing through this page.

What was the DevNet Zone?

It was the Cisco DevNet developer program brought to life in front of you for the first time at Cisco Live.

With the help of Cisco experts, you were able to to dive straight in and play with the SDKs.

What did people do in the DevNet Zone?

IoT, Mobility and Collaboration

In the theater sessions you heard about developing solutions that utilized real-time intelligence gathered from a WiFi network to help people and technology to interact more efectively, gained an insight into our strategy on the Internet of Things including developing using the new Eclipse Foundation API within our DMo product, plus we previewed our new Jabber Guest SDK which enabled voice and video capabilities within a web or iOS app.

In 10 minutes or less in the hands-on learning labs you were able to find device location in a wifi network using the Mobility Services API, add a voice & video Jabber Guest experience to a web app ... ... add a speed-dial button to the Cisco phone on your desk and check a user's inbox for voice mail. Phew!

You had 24 hours in the hackathon to gather real-time intelligence and create a location-enabled app with the Mobility Services API ... transform raw data from sensors and end points into actionable information using our Data in Motion solution API, ... embed collaboration into an iOS or browser-based app.

Networking, SDN and Cloud

You enabled DevOps in an SDN world ... by hearing what we're up to with OpenStack and OpenDaylight ... you got to grips with onePK… building your own network topologies with NeXt - the network UI toolkit. All that and more.

Plus Spotlights, high-level Thought Leadership theater sessions and some streamed Keynotes.

We created seven learning lab scripts to take you through the Application Policy Infrastructure Controller Enterprise Module (APIC EM) API which helps you simplify and automate your Access and WAN networks across your Enterprise.

You used APIC EM to enable better security management, supports IWAN, automates ACLs and automate and centralize your QoS conguration. You add OpenDaylight APIs into the mix with pretty compelling restuls!

Data Center and Security

A series of three 30 minute theater sessions started the day on Tuesday - they were all about Cisco Unied Computing Systems (UCS), the UCS Director and Manager. You heard a general overview of the UCS Manager and Standalone C-Series XML APIs, a deeper dive into the UCS Scripting Tools & SDKs, and a review of UCS management integrations leveraging the XML API. And of course a look at UCS Director.

You also met the Security CTO and the Founder of SourceFire in the DevNet Zone.

Theater Sessions

Open the session schedule PDF

We covered everything from Collab, VIRL, OpenDaylight, OpenStack, APIC EM to Mobility APIs ... in a variety of formats - from Thought Leadership sessions through to short overviews, spotlights and learning lab briefings.

If you attended the 101 Coding workshop and missed the slides, download them now.

View some of the the videos and slides from the theater sessions

Learning Labs

Short, sharp self-paced sprints lasting about 10 minutes each.

They grabbed your interest and hopefully left you wanting more!

You needed little prior knowledge of the technology. Using the Sandbox environment you were able to take a seat and get started.

The Learning Labs enable you to:

  • Add a speed-dial button to the Cisco phone on your desk.
  • Check a user's inbox for message and playback a video voicemail.
  • Add a voice & video experience to a web application activate the UCS PowerTool to automatically manage your Unified Computing System.
  • Configure a policy to block communication between two hosts visual a network topology with APIC EM topology service.
  • Find device location in a wifi network using Mobility Services API
  • Add OpenDaylight APIs and add our Internet of Things Data in Motion solution API into the mix.

The Hackathon in the DevNet Zone at Cisco Live took place on the Tuesday and Wednesday. It gave you an opportunity to dig into different Cisco technologies and create solutions you could show off with a chance to win some great prizes.

  • APIC EM: Enterprise SDN
  • Jabber SDK for Web
  • Jabber Guest SDK
  • OpenDaylight
  • IoT Data in Motion (DMo) and IOx
  • NeXt: the Network UI Toolkit
  • CMX: Mobility Services API

We had staff on site to help you as you code as well as food and drink to keep you going.

2nd Place
1st Place
$5,000 Plus Cisco Gadgets!
Showcase of the winning demo on stage in front of the Cisco Live audience Banner ad on Cisco DevNet website
3rd Place

Hackathon Judges

The esteemed panel of Hackathon judges were ready and waiting to review the Hackathon submissions.

We'd like to say 'many thanks' to all of them!

Scott Hanselman

Programmer, teacher, and speaker

David Messinger

Chief Community Officer at Appirio

Nick Feamster

Associate professor in the College of Computing at Georgia Tech

Julie A Ask

VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester

David Ward

Senior Vice President, Chief Architect, and Chief Technology Officer-Development at Cisco Systems

John Apostolopoulos

CTO and VP, Enterprise Networking Group, and leading Enterprise Networking Labs at Cisco Systems

Rick Tywoniak

Director, DevNet Developer Program, Cisco

Lauren Cooney

Sr Director of Software Strategy, Cisco

Ask The Experts

If you needed general help, support or guidance, or even a run through of an API reference you were able to grab a coffee with the Cisco technology expert at set times during the event.

Showcase Area

Some of our partners were on-hand to talk about their specific technologies and initiatives throughout the event.

They were also featured in the Theater Sessions.

Many thanks to all involved!

We'll be updating this page very soon with session slides and videos. If you came along to the DevNet Zone at Cisco Live or have registered to receive updates from us, then we'll let you know as soon as the info is available. Meanwhile, look back at DevNet at Cisco Live!.