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Cisco DevNet General FAQ's


Q: What is Cisco DevNet?

A: DevNet is the new Developer Program from Cisco, providing tools that help you to produce Cisco-enabled applications to sell to Cisco customers, and/or use Cisco APIs to enhance or manage your existing Cisco network

Q: Is DevNet just a website?

A: It is much more than a website. It's a fully-integrated developer program comprising a website, an interactive developer community, coordinated developer tools, integrated discussion forums and sandboxes.

Q: How is the site navigated?

A: We've designed it to enable you to navigate the site in a number of different ways, depending on your general navigational preference, how well you know the area you're interested in, and whether you want to dive in and locate something specific.

Q: Does Cisco have a partner program?

A: Yes, in addition to DevNet, which is for developers, Cisco has a Solution Partner program which can be found at

Q: What about Cisco DevNet membership?

A: Access to Cisco DevNet is free. If you want to access SDKs, APIs or other sensitive information, you'll need to create a Cisco ID (which is free), and sign-up as a Cisco DevNet community member. You'll then be able to navigate through the site and download the information you need.

Q: Is access to some areas subject to additional approval?

A: Yes, and this will become clear when navigating to specific sets of APIs, such as those under Controlled Availability. The process to follow will be very straight-forward.