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It's easy to start learning the latest Cisco APIs & technologies with guided Learning Tracks, and it's free!


Network Programmability for Network Engineers

Learn about network programmability from the perspective of a Network Engineer. Contains information about programming, REST APIs, as well as new interfaces like RESTCONF.

3 Modules
10 Labs
5 hours

APIC-EM Programmability

Learn how to return the iOS configuration for a network device using APIC-EM API, and then create a simple Python application to display the interface list of a network device.

2 Modules
4 Labs
2 hours

UCS Compute Programmability

Learn how to manage UCS Compute infrastructure with both UCS PowerTool and UCS Python SDK. Each module is an introduction to these two powerful UCS Compute tools.

2 Modules
6 Labs
3 hours

Data Center Programmability

Use this learning track to create and link network elements in ACI. You will learn the different APIC interfaces, create API requests, write simple Python scripts and more.

2 Modules
7 Labs
4 hours

Cloud Native Applications

Cloud Native applications are built to run on Cloud platforms, typically using a microservices architecture. You will be introduced to Cisco Shipped and Mantl.

2 Modules
10 Labs
4 hours

Cloud Collaboration

Learn to build engaging User Experiences with Cisco's Cloud Collaboration platform. These learning labs will take you from zero to creating applications that automate Cisco Spark.

4 Modules
9 Labs
4 hours

Data Application Development

The DevNet Data Learning Platform (DLP) consists of a set of the most common open source and commercial tools for data transformation, data visualization, and data processing.

1 Modules
5 Labs
3 hours

Expose, Compose and Govern Digital Assets with REST APIs

The Cisco Automation and Integration Platform enables organizations to expose, compose, and govern digital assets quickly and with simplicity.

2 Modules
8 Labs
3 hours

Hack it, hack it real good


Need a Development Lab?

The DevNet Sandbox provides free 24x7 hosted labs for integrating and working with Cisco technologies.

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Looking for Sample Code?

Find code on GitHub to help you get started with Cisco APIs.

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See what others are creating!

DevNet Creations - a platform of ideas, innovations, and inspiration

See what others are creating!

DevNet Creations - a platform of ideas, innovations, and inspiration

content tag: creation-items
By Cisco DevNet Team

NeXt UI toolkit is an HTML5/JavaScript based toolkit for network web application.

Cisco DevIoT
By Cisco DevNet Team

DevIoT is an Internet of things development environment enabling frictionless design and deployment of complex IoT solutions.

By Cisco DevNet Team

Flare allows users with mobile devices to discover and interact with things in an environment.

Meraki App for Phantom Cyber
By Joel King

Integration of Meraki device provisioning API with Phantom Cyber.

Augmented Factory
By Cisco DevNet Team

Augmented factory offers fresh user experience for IoT enabled factories via location based UI and camera vision.

Find your community on DevNet

Find your community on DevNet

        Cisco + Splunk

Cisco + Splunk

Explore new ways to visualize and extract value from Cisco environments leveraging Splunk.

        Cisco Spark

Cisco Spark

Join the Cisco Spark community to explore others' creations, share your own, or simply learn to create your own Bots and Integrations.

        Digital Network Architecture

Digital Network Architecture

Discuss Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) and all of its building blocks with your peers and our experts



Check out the Meraki community and collaborate with developers and networking engineers to learn about the cloud networking solution

        Cisco Networking Academy

Cisco Networking Academy

Explore the tools and resources to support lifelong learning. Prepare for the network of the future and connect with software development experts.

        Women in Tech

Women in Tech

A supportive environment to make it easier for women to learn, code and build software and technology innovations



Inspire the next generation of innovators (kids!) by bringing together Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math

Build innovative, network-enabled solutions

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