Support Case Manager allows you to create Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) support cases for issues covered under the terms of your Cisco support contract(s).

Note: At this time, Support Case Manager can assist you only with products currently covered by a Cisco service contract. If you would like assistance with a product that is not covered by a contract or is covered under warranty, contact the Cisco Technical Assistance Center by phone.


Before You Begin

Before you use the Support Case Manager, you must be logged in with your user ID and password, and your ID must contain all of your appropriate Cisco support contracts in order for you to access the services covered by those contracts. You can use the Cisco Profile Manager to associate all of your Cisco service contracts to your profile.


Note: If you have a Service Access Management Administrator, you can ask them to make sure that all of your service contracts are associated with your user ID. If you are unsure of your contract number(s), your Cisco Partner, Reseller, or Service Account Manager can provide you with a complete list of your service contracts.

Opening a Support Case

The process to open a support case depends on the type of support case you want to open. Refer to the steps below for the type of support case you want to open:

Note: DevNet contracts (contract type = Solution Partner Program) is only entitled to DevNet support. To open a case with TAC or to arrange for an RMA then a different contract type is required.




Step 1: Identify Type of Support Case and Verify Contact Information

In this step, you identify the type of support case, severity of the problem, extended loss of service (if applicable), and whether you would like the engineer to contact you. In addition, you can review and change your contact information.

For DevNet cases leave these as default.


Note: At any time during the process, you can click the Save a Draft button (shown in the image above) in order to save a draft of your support case. See the Save a Draft section in this document for the steps required to delete or continue submitting a saved support case.
  1. Review your contact information in the Contact Information section.

    Your contact information is automatically provided based on the username you used to log in to the tool. You can click the links located beneath Contact Information heading in order to make changes:
    • Click Change for this support case in order to change your contact information for this specific support case.
    • Click Edit support case preferences in order to edit your contact information preferences for all support case requests.
    • Click Edit profile in order to edit your profile.
  2. Click Next to continue.



Step 2: Specify Associated Service Contract

In this step, you verify your service contract information. DevNet service is not based on serial numbers therefore you will need to have a valid DevNet service contract associated with your profile.


Complete these steps in order to specify the associated service contract:

  1. Choose the Search by Other Information option:
  2. From the contract dropdown select your DevNet contract
  3. Service Level = Solution Partner Program
  4. Product Name will default.
  5. Select “Search”
  6. Select Solution Partner from the Search Results table.
  7. Click Next.



Step 3: Describe the Problem

In this step, you describe the problem. Keep these guidelines in mind when describing your problem:

  • Include a meaningful case title that states the problem accurately. A meaningful title permits assignment of the case to the appropriate technical resources.
  • Describe the problem and symptoms (only one per support case).
  • Include a history of the problem and any troubleshooting steps you completed.
  • Include software versions and types of equipment.


Complete these steps in order to describe the problem:

  1. Enter the following required information:
    • Problem title
    • Problem description
  2. Click on Product.
  3. In the popup select “Other”
  4. Select appropriate “Solution Partner Program – technology”
  5. Click Next.



Step 4: Attach Files

In this step, you can attach files that might help diagnose your problem more quickly.

Note: This step is available only if you selected Diagnose and Fix my Problem or Replace my Product as the support case type.


Complete these steps in order to attach files:

  1. Click the Attach Files button, and select your files.

    After you select your files, the files appear with the status as Upload Pending.
  2. Click Next to upload these files.

    The Type and Description fields in the first row contain a prompt to click the fields to add more information about the file. Click the Type field to trigger a drop-down list with a set of attachment types. In the Description field, you can type a brief description of the file.
  3. Once the files show the status of Uploaded, click Next to continue.



Step 5: Submit Your Support Case

In this step, you review your information and submit your support case.


  1. Review the summary of your support case.

    Note: If you need to update a section, click the Edit link located next to the section heading.
  2. Click Submit in order to submit your support case.

Your support case number will appear at the top of the page.




Save as Draft

During your process to open a support case, you can click the Save as Draft button located at the bottom of the page in order to complete the process at a later time. When you click the Save as Draft button, all information you entered is saved, and you are redirected to your open support cases page.

To continue submitting a saved draft, click the title of the support case.

To delete a saved draft, click the checkbox located next to the support case, and click the Delete button.

Note: Each saved draft has an expiration date, after which it will be automatically deleted.