Developer Support from DevNet: FAQs

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What are the DevNet Support options?

DevNet offers two types of support for developers creating solutions using Cisco APIs:

  • Forum Support

    Free to any logged-in DevNet member. Simply log in and post your questions in the appropriate forum.

  • Case Support

    For specific technologies developers can purchase Case Support Tickets and gain access to a Cisco Engineer.

What does having tickets mean?

The entitlement in DevNet is based on tickets purchased and used. When a developer opens a case then that ticket is counted against the total ticket count and the total available is decremented by one.

How do I Open a Case?

First of all read the Opening A Support Case page.

To open a support case, user needs to go to Support and under the My Support Info box and click “Open New Ticket”. If you do not have tickets available then you will be directed to the purchase page.

What API's are supported by Developer Services?

Go to the home page for support and on the right hand side select “Global API Support”. This will display a list of all API’s and links to the forums and to open a ticket. Should the Ticket support column have N/A then the technology is not supported through Developer Services – only by forums.


What help can I receive from TAC Support?

DevNet support is completely separate and discrete from TAC support. DevNet support does not entitle developers to access product support.  For product support a separate product support contract is required.

I have used all my tickets – can I get more?

Yes, you can purchase support tickets without any other services and if you still have tickets the extra tickets will be added to your existing support.

What is the lifespan of my tickets?

Developer support tickets are valid for 12 months from date of purchase. They will expire if not used in this timeframe. They do not roll over to subsequent renewals.

When I try to open a ticket for my API, I do not see it on the list.

All APIs are supported through the Forums; however, not all APIs have Developer Support. For a complete list of supported APIs by region go here.

How is Severity defined?
  • High - Critical issue with severe impact to Customer's business operation. Customer's business operations are proceeding but production and/or profitability will be severely affected within several days. A major feature is unusable/ or has caused irreparable loss of data. Development may be halted.

  • Medium - Time sensitive issue with negative impact to Customer's business operation. Significant aspects of Customer's business are still proceeding but issue may affect long-term productivity. A major feature is operational but unstable or unreliable. Development can be continued.

  • Low - An issue with insignificant impact to Customer's business operation. Most operations remain functional with little impact over time. A major feature requires enhancements or fixes that are targeted for updates but do not result in loss of functionality. Information or assistance is required on API capabilities or documentation. There is clearly little or no impact to the Customer's operation. Issue requires no further action beyond possibly follow-up.

What are the response times I can expect?
4 hours 1 day 2 days
DevNet Developer Support provides the following general types of API and application integration support:
  • - Application use-cases and suggested/recommended API solutions
  • - General application architecture and design, with regard to interfacing with APIs
  • - Specific API features and capabilities
  • - Application and API security, performance and scalability
  • - Investigation and troubleshooting of issues with, or usage of API components
  • - API or product/API defect analysis and escalation
  • - Assistance with, or explanation of specific API features, requests, commands or parameters
  • - API enhancement requests (forwarded to the appropriate API team)
What is not provided (best effort):
  • - Custom solution application design/development/coding, including sample code
  • - Detailed code analysis/review
  • - Support of specific development languages, 3rd party tools, or OS/platform-specific support (e.g. Lua, Expect, TCL)
  • - Instructor-led API/language/tool training


I want to allow another person to use my tickets?

Tickets can be shared between individuals within the same company, as long as the user is setup as a support user for that company. The system does not support sharing tickets between companies.