Who should attend?

Developers, engineers and data scientists who are leveraging networking, security, datacenter, artificial intelligence, machine learning and/or deep learning infrastructure and platforms to optimize the deployment, operations, and lifecycle of their applications.

What is DevNet Create?

DevNet Create is more than a conference—it’s a community. A community that focuses on hands-on learning. A community that explores the intersection between code and infrastructure. In its third year, DevNet Create is looking beyond APIs to explore leading-edge topics like machine learning and artificial intelligence. It’s for developers thinking about and building the next big thing; instilling savvy time savers into every enterprise application you build. It is a community that inspires, empowers, and ignites the learning and use of new tools, frameworks, and methodologies to provide for rapid innovation in the enterprise.

  • The only conference that joins the forces of infrastructure and application development. From mashing up NOCs and DevOps for NetDevOps, to leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning concepts, DevNet Create exposes innovative ways of approaching hard enterprise issues.
  • Hands-on learning matched with cross-vertical and cross-platform sessions featuring a breadth of developer tools and frameworks.
  • An intimate setting to connect with peers and meet leaders in the world of infrastructure and application development.

Why attend?

From year to year, you are faced with everything new - ideas, tools, frameworks, and methodologies that have to be learned and experimented with to determine effectiveness to a project or organization. And the fact is, all this takes time.

DevNet Create is there to shorten that time frame by bringing together experts to learn from, providing hands-on opportunities to figure out the tough technologies and opportunities to network and chat with those who are already making the most of the “new”.

With a mix of learning sessions including keynotes, tech talks, workshops and Camp Create — you’ll have multiple opportunities to put your hands on something new. You’ll be exposed to introductory and advanced topics on data analytics, AI/ML, NetOps, DevOps and much, much more. So join us in Mountain View, CA at the Computer History Museum, April 24th and 25th, 2019.