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DLP is integrated data platform from Cisco that includes an easy-to-use UI, Docker-based infrastructure, best-in-class open source big data components, and cisco APIs & tools for data developers and data scientists who want to learn, validate and provision their solutions before deploying into a customer site or to explore, analyze, and visualize their data.

Why choose the Data Learning Platform for your Data Application Development?


Powerful big-data platform with a wide range of integrations test

The Data Learning Platform provides a powerful backend for big-data development and integrates with best-in-class open-source data components such as Apache Spark, HDFS, HBase, Kafka, Sqoop, Flume, Hive, Jupyter, Zeppelin, and Impala.

Support various data processing types for data applications

With the integration of Cisco Streaming Analytics(CSA) and other Cisco technologies in the pipeline, Data Learning Platform enables end-to-end data solution development and supports developers who want to utilize a variety of processing capabilities such as streaming, batch, interactive, and modeling.

Ease of data development

The Data Learning Platform offers a powerful drag-and-drop front-end IDE and removes the key barriers for data developers and data scientists so that they can deliver their applications with a significantly reduced time-to-deployment cycle.

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Data Application Development

The DevNet Data Learning Platform (DLP) consists of a set of the most common open source and commercial tools for data transformation, data visualization, and data processing for different types of workloads. Learn the basics of data development using the Data Learning Platform.

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