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FAQ for AMP for Endpoints

FAQ document for AMP for Endpoints explains how the API is structured, a sample script and links to more detailed online documentation.


SDK for Firepower eStreamer

eStreamer SDK contains Perl scripts for testing and will help in building an eStreamer client.


Support Forum for Firepower Host Input

Host Input API Connector for Nessus can be used as a building block for integrating with other vulnerability reporting tools.


Support Forum for Firepower Remediation

Remediation Module for F5 can be modified to support other 3rd party applications.

See what others have built with Firepower


Host Input Connector for Rapid7’s NexPose vulnerability management solution can import vulnerability reports into the Firepower Management Center's Host Database to help Impact Flag correlation IPS policy tuning.


Integration guide explains Huntsman Security’s SIEM and Incident Response capability. Huntsman can use Cisco’s Real Time Threat Containment (RTC) infrastructure to take action across Cisco network infrastructure.

Better Security Through Openness and Multi-Vendor Integration

Cisco Further Expands Technology Partner Ecosystem – New Partners and New Tech Integration Areas