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The SPARKL Sequencing Engine brings machines closer together.

User Guide, Resources Marketplace

Hyperglance visually unifies your network and hybrid cloud

Datasheet, API Reference Marketplace

Smarter Wireledd: analytics and predictive content over WiFi



Jacoby Thwaites, CEO & Chief Technologist
Jacoby Thwaites,
CEO & Chief Technologist

"The Devnet has been an invaluable tool for SPARKL. We received rather excellent support from the domain experts in the Software-Defined Network community when developing the awesome Sequencing Engine!"

Stace Hipperson, CEO
Stace Hipperson,

"DevNet's dCloud sandbox enabled us to code against active, populated APIs without having to buy, configure and manage our own network and software. This saved us money and allowed us to get our product to market quicker."

Amy Lai, Founder & CEO
Amy Lai,
Founder & CEO

"Cisco DevNet accelerated our understanding of Cisco's broad technology portfolio. Accessing the latest documentation, scripts and sandbox environments made it easy to get hands on and develop an integrated solution."