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Manage your infrastructure as code Cisco Intersight provides intelligent cloud-based infrastructure management for the Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS), Cisco HyperFlex platforms, and other third-party Intersight-connected targets. Learn more about Infrastructure as Code including examples
Continuous optimization Intersight Workload Optimizer provides full-stack visibility and multicloud resource management, from bare metal servers, hypervisors, to Kubernetes clusters, serverless and applications components. Learn more Simplified infrastructure management Intersight's RESTful API automates management of Intersight connected targets across multiple Data Centers. Cisco Intersight infrastructure services include the deployment, monitoring, management, and support for physical and virtual infrastructure. Learn more Infrastructure automation Automate using the programming tools of your choice. PowerShell, Python, Terraform, and Ansible Installation Links
Learn how to automate with the Intersight REST API LEARNING MODULE intersight-rest-api LEARNING LABS intersight-rest-api View all learning labs https://developer.cisco.com/learning/search/?keyword=intersight _blank button btn-primary btn-lg-wide
Try your code in Intersight Sandboxes Intersight Sandboxes allow developers to design, develop, and test code using any Intersight API integrations. Developers can create an Intersight account and claim emulated UCS Hardware in any of the Sandboxes. View all Data Center Sandboxes https://devnetsandbox.cisco.com/RM/Topology?c=a53c0160-233a-41e2-a074-2df499ae88ed _blank images/datacenter-Intersight.png Intersight Sandbox https://devnetsandbox.cisco.com/RM/Diagram/Index/a63216d2-e891-4856-9f27-309ca61ec862?diagramType=Topology _blank Cisco Intersight Sandbox The Intersight Sandbox can be used with any Intersight API integrations (e.g. Terraform, Ansible, Python, PowerShell) and UCS Manager integrations (e.g. Python, PowerTool). Try it out https://devnetsandbox.cisco.com/RM/Diagram/Index/a63216d2-e891-4856-9f27-309ca61ec862?diagramType=Topology _blank button btn-primary btn-lg-wider
Intersight Demo Environments on dCloud Cisco's dCloud provides Intersight demos that you can use to begin automating with Intersight and complete Learning Labs. dCloud demos provide instant access to dCloud maintained Intersight environments. View dCloud's Intersight Instant Demo https://dcloud2-rtp.cisco.com/content/instantdemo/cisco-intersight-infrastructure-services _blank