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Model Driven Programmability
Model Driven Programmability Simple, flexible and rich framework for device programmability. Data models provided a unified, software-friendly infrastructure for configuration management and device operations. Explore more Streaming Telemetry Efficient mechanism for an IOS XR device to push network state. Telemetry leverages the same data-model infrastructure used in model-driven programmability. Learn more Application Hosting Support the deployment of third-party software on an IOS XR device. Third-party apps provide rich capabilities to extend IOS XR with custom monitoring and management functionality for greater operational flexibility. Read more
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Cisco 8000 Emulator Learning Lab Classify and prioritize delay-sensitive traffic using Quality of Service, and then setup a pipeline to stream CPU data. XRd Tutorials XRd is a containerized XR operating system that you can deploy on any kind of on-premises or public cloud infrastructure. IOS XR YANG Data Models Explore the online YANG data models (Native, Unified, and OpenConfig) by product and release.
Learn the programmable interfaces of IOS XR EXPLORE MORE LEARNING LABS iosxr-programmability EXPLORE THE LEARNING LABS iosxr-cli-automation View all Learning Labs,module,lab&keyword=IOS%20XR _blank button btn-primary btn-lg-wide
Discover IOS-XR Programmability Sample Code { "name": "napalm-automation/napalm", "description": "Network Automation and Programmability Abstraction Layer with Multivendor suppor", "meta": { "CodeExchangeScore": "10", "CodeExchangeScoreReason": "|GitScore 1749 |Valid License type apache-2.alid readme with len 10108 |Last udated before 0 days ", "forksCounts": "328", "stargazersCount": "1223", "subscribersCount": "198", "watchersCount": "198" }, "categories": [ "Analytics & Automation", "Data Center", "Networking", "Open Source" ], "programmingLanguages": [ "Python" ], "additionalTags": [ "owner:napalm-automation" ] } { "name": "bigevilbeard/grpc_xr_example", "description": "This public repo contains python code that can be used to interact with the Cisco IOS XR devices.The environment is pre-configured to access the Cisco DevNet Always-...", "meta": { "CodeExchangeScore": "5", "CodeExchangeScoreReason": "|GitScore 3 |Valid License type bsd-3-clause |Valid readme with len 16412 |Last udated before 0 days ", "forksCounts": "0", "stargazersCount": "2", "subscribersCount": "1", "watchersCount": "1" }, "categories": [ "Analytics & Automation", "Networking", "Open Source" ], "programmingLanguages": [ "Python" ], "additionalTags": [ "owner:bigevilbeard" ] } { "name": "ncclient/ncclient", "description": "ncclient is a Python library that facilitates client-side scripting...", "meta": { "CodeExchangeScore": "10", "CodeExchangeScoreReason": "|GitScore 699 |Valid License type apache-2.0 |Valid readme with len 13024 |Last udated before 0 days ", "forksCounts": "271", "stargazersCount": "366", "subscribersCount": "62", "watchersCount": "162" }, "categories": [ "Networking", "Open Source" ], "programmingLanguages": [ "Python" ], "additionalTags": [ "owner:ncclient" ] } See more in Code Exchange
Try out the IOS XR Sandboxes The DevNet Sandboxes provide developers with zero-cost, easy access to infrastructure and platforms to develop and run code against 24x7. VIEW ALL SANDBOXES _blank /images/sandbox.iosxr.programmability7.3.2.png IOS XR Programmabilty - Always On _blank IOS XR Programmabilty - Always On The IOS XR Always-On Sandbox provides an environment where developers and network engineers can explore the programmability options available on this routing platform. Try it out _blank button btn-primary btn-lg-wider