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Receiving Commercial Support from Cisco

Whether you are a Cisco customer, a Solution Partner Program technical partner or completely new to Cisco, we are dedicated to giving you the support you need!

We have a technical support team and a commercial support team just for the Jabber web tool kit, to help you develop your UC-enabled web applications.

Commercial support

By commercial support we mean providing you with one-on-one assistance for developing your app and introducing you to the relevant Cisco commercial teams who will help commercialize your app to Cisco customers.

To start with, simply contact us for support or extra information and someone from the commercial team will get back to you.

Once enough potential is identified, we'll then offer you what we call the white glove treatment.

White Glove treatment involves the following:
  • Working with you to create a compelling use case.
  • Explaining the current functionality of the Jabber APIs in as much detail as you need.
  • Working with the Jabber Technical Support team who will assist your internal development team on any issues/questions.
  • Creating a road map of a completed project.
  • Tying in the right resources for Marketing, Sales, Reseller Channels, and Go-To-Market strategy with our colleagues.
  • Submitting a completed solution to the Cisco Solutions Catalog (Solution Partner Program membership is required).

And now we can also help you Go To Market