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Meeting - Overview

The WebEx Integration Platform APIs and tools enable a wide variety of integration capabilities for enterprise customers, and enterprise application developers. The following is a summary of some of the key integration areas:

  • User Data Management
    • Sign up new user (creating user accounts)
    • Login/logout
    • Activate/deactivate users
    • Edit users
  • Meeting scheduling and registration
    • Schedule/host/join/impromptu
    • Edit/delete
    • List/add/delete attendees
    • Create/get registration form
    • Register attendee
  • Manage and access the history of online sessions
    • List/get usage history
    • List recorded access history
  • Integrate audio conferencing networks
    • Coordinate call-in and call-out options for meeting users, and notification of users entering/exiting the meeting
    • Support muting and dropping calls

3 Different WebEx APIs

There are three distinct APIs exposed by the Cisco Collaboration Cloud Platform available to developers WebEx developers.

URL API: The URL API is based on HTTP(S), and provides a convenient, lightweight mechanism to provide browser-based, external hooks into the WebEx services. The URL API is typically used in enterprise portal integrations to support basic interactions such as Single Sign-On (SSO), scheduling meetings, starting and joining simple meetings, and inviting attendees and presenters.

XML API: a The XML API is a comprehensive set of services supporting most aspects of the WebEx services, including detailed user management, comprehensive scheduling features, attendee management and reporting, and more. The service responds to XML "request" messages sent via HTTP Post operations from external applications, and returns an XML :response" message back, indicating an action was taken or returning requested data. This is the preferred mechanism for application-level integration. Because data is returned in XML messages, the receiving application is free to parse, utilize, and present the data any way desired; in contrast, the URL API will generally present a WebEx service page back to the user showing the requested information.

Teleconference Service Provider (TSP) API: An API that allows Teleconferencing Service Providers to integrate their audio conferencing service with WebEx. WebEx TSP Partners can offer WebEx to their customer base while retaining the audio conferencing business and the customer relationship. TSP API enables tight integration with WebEx, including active talker, mute/unmute, call in, callback, on-net callback, video switching, sub conferencing, invite by phone, etc.