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Jabber SDK
Cisco Unified Communications System Release 11.8
Voice and Video Version 11.8.2 for Web
Release Date: August 28, 2017

August 28, 2017 - System Release 11.8 - Versions 11.8.2 of the Jabber voice and video SDK for web is now available. For full information, see the Release Notes

Note for Installing older versions of the Jabber SDK Browser Add-on for Mac: - Versions of the Jabber SDK Browser Add-on prior to 3.1.0, which are using bundle-style installer packages, no longer supported on Mac OS X, can be installed by following the steps below:
  • mount CiscoWebCommunicatorAddOnInstaller.dmg
  • right click on "Cisco Web Communicator Add-On.pkg" and click "Open" in the context menu
  • click the "Open" button on the warning window
  • proceed with installation

This release of the Voice and Video SDK is compatible with Cisco Unified Communications Manager 9.0 and later, and Cisco Expressway version 8.1.1 and later

For all browsers, the cwic.js in this release of the SDK requires the use of the 11.8.0 add-on. For the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browser, apps using video will need to use the new API methods to provide video functionality in the external window. In-browser video in Chrome and Firefox is no longer supported, but video overlay feature could be used for similar experience.

Getting Started Guide

Download Getting Started pdf

Download the Getting Started Guide, which covers a lot of the information on the different pages of the site:

  • an overview
  • environmental requirements
  • getting started with the sdk
  • feature notes
  • troubleshooting section


Download the 11.8.2 SDK

In the SDK you'll find the following:

  • the API docs
  • sample code
  • libraries
  • include files
  • node component

The API Reference

View the 11.8.2 API Reference

The API Reference is included within the SDK and are also available online. API changes are listed in Release Notes.


The Cisco Jabber SDK browser add-on is required for signaling and media termination..

Full licensed version

If you have already purchased a Jabber SDK Browser add-on software license (i.e. if you have purchased the browser add-on and the appropriate ESW contract, or you have a CUWL entitlement), please download this add-on.

Download the add-on from here
Evaluation version

If you have not purchased a Jabber SDK Browser add-on software license but would like to evaluate the functionality of the Jabber voice & video SDK please download an evaluation version of the Windows add-on or the Mac add-on. Note that this is for evaluation purposes only and must not be redistributed. After you download the appropriate add-on, unzip it and run the installation file.

Evaluation version for Windows
Evaluation version for Mac

Google Chrome Extension

The Google Chrome extension must be installed in order for the Cisco Jabber SDK Add-On to work correctly with the Google Chrome browser.

Chrome Browser Extension

Mozilla Firefox Extension

The Mozilla Firefox extension must be installed in order for the Cisco Jabber SDK Add-On to work correctly with the Mozilla Firefox browser version 50 and above.

Mozilla Firefox Extension

Release Notes

Read the 11.8.2 Release Notes

The Release Notes are included within the SDK and can also be read online.

node Component

Download the node.csf

The node.csf provides a set of sample code to run with the node.js platform. This version of the SDK includes a new node.csf.

(Node.js is a server side web platform for building fast, scalable network applications using JavaScript. See for more information on Node.js).

The sample code adds the following Cisco Jabber SDK features to a node.js server.

  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager end user authentication
  • phone device configuration retrieval
  • directory integration

node.csf exposes an HTTP REST API and is implemented as three modules:

  • hello: replies 'hello' to clients, mainly used for testing
  • phoneconfig: authenticates Cisco Unified Communications Manager end users, retrieves list of users' phone devices, downloads phone device configuration
  • quickcontact: integrates with a directory to search for contacts
node.csf has been tested on Linux and Mac OS X.

Sample Code

Soft PhoneSample Code
Download the sample code

This code can be used to show a video soft phone added to a web page

Open Source Documentation

Download the document

Open Source Documentation File (OSDF) for the 11.8.0 version - system release 11.8 of the Jabber SDK voice and video workload