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Voice Mail-Get Started

Begin sending, and receiving voice messages in your application.

  • Make sure that you have the required hardware and software for Cisco Unity Connection.
  • Visit the CUMI API Wiki to find documenation and examples for the CUMI API.
  • Try some basic GET operations to start exploring the API
    • The root of the Cisco Unity Connection Messaging Interface (CUMI) API is the Mailbox resource that is associated with each user.
  • Doing a GET on the Mailbox returns properties of the mailbox
    • GET /vmrest/mailbox
  • Doing a GET on the Folders returns the fixed list of folders:
    • GET /vmrest/mailbox/folders
  • A Folder consists of a small set of properties (DisplayName and MessageCount) and a collection of Messages.
    • Doing a GET on a Folder returns a small folder resource object and a reference to its list of Messages:
  • Doing a GET on <folder>/messages returns a message list:

Next Steps: