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Voice Mail Overview

The Cisco Unity Connection Messaging Interface (CUMI) is a messaging API for Cisco Unity Connection that has been designed to be stable and simple to use. It is based on leading industry standards for web-based API development, and provides access to a wide set of Connection messaging functionality. If you are a customer or developer who needs the ability to integrate Connection into an existing enterprise-wide portal, CUMI offers a secure method for doing the following:

  • Sending messages
  • Receiving messages
  • Replying to messages
  • Sending broadcast messages (provided the user account is enabled to send broadcast messages)
  • Sending dispatch messages
  • Receiving notifications of new messages
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More technically, CUMI is a REST interface that standardizes operations such as add, delete, and modify. The XML comes with standard XML schema definitions that are annotated with information about what is in them.

As a web-based interface, CUMI is independent of operating system and programming language and does not require any client libraries to use.

Technical Details:

Required Hardware: