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Voice Mail FAQs


What can cause an HTTP 302 response?

An HTTP 302 response is very often caused by a client trying to connect to a web application using the HTTP protocol when the web application requires HTTPS. The web server sends back a 302 response to the client in an attempt to redirect it to the secure HTTPS port.

Can you send voice messages with one or more attachments?

In Cisco Unity Connection 8.5 and later, Cisco Unity Connection Messaging Interface will allow voice mails to be sent that have additional attachments of any type. (In earlier versions of the product, Cisco Unity Connection Messaging Interface allows only voice messages with one audio attachment to be sent.)

What is a dispatch message?

A dispatch message is a message that needs to go to one and only one member of a group. When the message is accepted by any one user, it is no longer available to other users. When the message is rejected by a user in the group, the message is removed from that user's voicemail list.