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The Accessory Manager API

Unified CM

The Cisco Unified Communications Accessory Manager API allows device manufacturers to write plugins which enable their devices to perform call control functionality with Cisco applications such as Jabber.

We've provided an overview of the API below, but for the full information and the API itself, please visit the Accessory Manager API site.



Headsets and other accessories containing a microphone and speaker can work with the Cisco Jabber application with no extra work (i.e no plugin) required on the part of the vendor.

However if the accessory has call control buttons and/or a display and LEDs, then these items need to be integrated with Cisco's call control system via a plugin written by the vendor. The plugin merges the vendor's hardware with the Cisco Jabber application, which enables the monitoring, responding, and updating of the physical user interface features of the device such as its buttons, switches, and indicator lights.

All of the above is possible for Cisco Jabber and other Cisco applications, using the Cisco Unified Communications Accessory Manager API.


The documentation and support

The full information - including the API and associated technical documentation - can be found on the Accessory Manager API site and is accessible Solution Partner Program Technology Partners and above.

The developer resources include the following:

UC Accessory Manager Developer Guide
Developer Guide including getting started information, how to build a development environment and sample code.

UC Accessory Manager SDK
Includes the API Reference Docs and the header files.

UC Accessory Manager API Reference
Detailed API Reference for the UC Accessory Manager API

Please visit the Accessory Manager API site where you'll also find a forum and many ‘how to' articles to help with your development.