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Use Cases for the Jabber SDK for Web

The possibilities for embedding Cisco Unified Communications capabilities within a web application are far-reaching. Depending on your requirement, you can use one or all of the Jabber SDK for Web interfaces and libraries.

Feed your imagination by taking a look at some use cases below. We've divided them into Productized Integrations and Proof-of-Concepts.

Productized Integrations

PSTech's integration of IM and Presence through Microsoft's Outlook Web Application (OWA)

Watch the user experience within Microsoft's OWA.

This integration allows users to use Cisco Jabber Instant Messaging and Presence services directly from the OWA interface in a seamless and secure way. Once the integration is installed on the OWA server (IIS), no plug-in download or installation is required on the client side.

Users can login to Cisco Unified Presence (CUP) services separately from OWA login or it can be setup to login automatically through OWA credentials.

A presence icon next to each email participant indicates user availability status. It also nicely integrates to OWA LDAP search results, which enables you to check availability and establish IM with a user even if they are not in your contact list.

A flexible and user friendly IM window can facilitate multiple simultaneous chat sessions and a "Group Chat" feature will be coming soon.

Supporting all the main web browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox and Safari), this integration is supported on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

This integration could be especially useful in the following situations:

  • For mobile workers or employees who are away from their regular computers
  • For companies and organizations who have no Outlook desktop clients deployed
  • For Mac OS X users who generally lack support of plug-ins in desktop email clients (Jabber Outlook plug-in is not available on Mac OS X)

Version 1.0 is targeted for release in May 2013 with plans to add voice/video call support and WebEx meetings integration in subsequent versions.

For more information, please contact or visit

Esna Google Apps Integration Solution – Cloudlink for Cisco

Esna Cloudlink seamlessly integrates Cisco Collaboration solutions with cloud-based productivity applications such as Google Apps. Cloudlink uses the Jabber web tool kit to offer rich integration of enterprise IPT and WebEx into Gmail and Google Apps, elegantly enabling Cisco customers to bring together disparate IPT vendor components and WebEx into Gmail for a seamless user experience. With Cloudlink, users can schedule WebEx meetings, check other's availability, make phone calls, and manage voicemail and faxes right from their inbox.

See how Esna Cloudlink seamlessly integrates Cisco
Collaboration solutions with Google Apps.

  • Unified Messaging: Voice messages in Unity Connection are transcribed, converted to a MP3 and delivered to your email inbox. You can access and manage your messages on a desktop or mobile device. Cloudlink's bi-directional synchronization turns off the message waiting indicator (MWI) on the deskphone.
  • Rich Presence: Cloudlink integrates with Cisco Unified Communications Manager and calendar to publish status and availability. With Cloudlink you can see if your peers are on or off the phone, as well as if they free or busy.
  • Click-to-Dial: Cloudlink recognizes phone numbers and extensions and allows you to "click" on any number and place calls right from any web application or website. Calls can be sent to any phone or mobile device.
  • WebEx Integration: Easily book WebEx meetings right from Google Apps. With Cloudlink you can schedule and start WebEx meetings from Google Calendar, Google Contact Card, Google People Widget, Google Hangout and Chrome browser.
  • Security: Secure and private message controls are supported in Gmail.

Esna Cloudlink uses overlays wherever possible keeping the user in the application rather than just having a sidebar widget or desktop application for a richer user experience.

The solution offers rich contextual content overlays into Gmail by dipping into the content (documents, messages) for click-to-dial and enhanced services. For example providing voicemail into Gmail, they've used overlay buttons for outdial, reply and forward.

Esna leveraged the Unity Connection Voice Mail API and User Provisioning API to make integrating a Connection server to their product's server, Cloudlink, fully automated. The Cloudlink server pulls all relevant user data and makes any needed changes to subscriber settings via the CUPI API.

Take a look at the Esnatech site for more information.

SAP Streamworks

See how we've incorporated Jabber into a SAP StreamWorks

Here's an example of how we've combined the APIs available from SAP StreamWorks - an open- social based container - with the Jabber web tool kit APIs, to integrate real-time communications within the StreamWorks project management tool.

The user can look at a project and filter information by open action items and their owner. With functionality enabled by the Jabber web tool kit, they can now also search for an available action owner by their presence status, and can initiate click-to-communicate capabilities: all-in-all, they can find the action item owners, see if any are available, initiate a discussion with one or more of them, hold a video call and resolve the issue, all from the web browser!