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Cisco Jabber Overview

Please read through the information below to fully understand the Jabber product family, products and SDKs, and what it means to developers.

Please note: "registered user" means a user who is licensed, has an identity in the directory of the associated Cisco collaboration infrastructure, for example Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Cisco WebEx, etc, and logs into such services with unique credentials. A guest is a user without an identity in the Cisco collaboration infrastructure and is not required to log into the services to use them.

Cisco Jabber – the product family

Cisco Jabber describes the Cisco Unified Communications (UC) client capabilities which enable users to have easy access to presence, instant messaging (IM), voice, video, voice messaging, desktop sharing, and conferencing via their desktop, phone, tablet or browser.

From a technical perspective, the product family takes advantage of intelligence in Cisco networks, Cisco Unified Communications Manager call control functions and other related services to deliver secure, clear and reliable communications. This results in a greater user acceptance and less risk.

It also integrates with other Cisco Collaboration solutions including TelePresence video and WebEx Web Conferencing.

Cisco Jabber - the client

Cisco Jabber is also the name of the client installed on a registered user's desktop, phone or tablet, enabling access to presence, instant messaging (IM), voice, video, voice messaging, desktop sharing, and conferencing.

The client can be used with on-premise or cloud-based UC services.

There are currently installations of the Cisco Jabber client for...:

  • Windows devices
  • Mac devices
  • iPad devices
  • iPhone devices

The voice, video and IM features of the Cisco Jabber client can be activated through simple URI handling via a mobile or browser-based application.

Cisco Jabber Guest

New Cisco Jabber Guest is an off-the-shelf product that enables Cisco Unified Communications Manager customers to provide interactive, instant voice, high-definition video, and data sharing with guests - via included clients for Web, iOS and Android.

To start the interaction, guests simply click a URL, which can either be shared directly with them or linked into a Web or mobile application.

Take a minute to see Jabber Guest helping to solve a retail customer complaint.

Find out about the new Cisco Jabber Guest on the site.

Find out about the Jabber Guest SDK

Cisco Jabber SDK

The Cisco Jabber SDK comprises all of the SDKs and APIs available to developers that help them integrate the features of the Jabber services (presence, instant messaging (IM), voice, video, voice messaging, desktop sharing, and conferencing) into their applications for use by users.

It isn't one SDK, but an over-riding family name comprising the different developer tool kits:

Cisco Jabber SDK for Web

A toolkit comprising four sets of interfaces, enabling a browser-based app to embed and fully-integrate with the Cisco Unified Communications services.

Jabber Accessory Manager API

Learn how to use the Cisco's Jabber Accessory Manager API to allow your Telephony devices to perform call control functionality over Cisco's Unified Communications Manager.


Cisco Jabber Guest SDK for Web and for iOS/Android

A 10 minute developer-focused preview of the Jabber Guest SDK

A 10 minute developer-focused preview of the Jabber Guest SDK

Using the Jabber Guest SDK, developers can embed the Jabber Guest experience into web sites or native iOS/Android applications - for a seemless, integrated user experience.

Jabber SDK*

Target: registered users
for Web
Jabber Guest SDK

Target: guests
for Web
for iOS
for Android