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Compatible Platforms

CSR 1000v

KVM hosting in a virtual platform for cloud services, rapid prototyping, and education.

ISR 4000 Series

Hosted virtual machines in the branch for network function virtualization, hosted agents, and network troubleshooting.

ASR 1000 Series

Virtual machine hosting in the aggregation, Internet edge, and high-end branch.

Getting Started


Technology Overview presentation and video

Developer Guide

Getting Started with your first application.

OVA Reference

Quick reference for OVA content, resource definition and platform capability.

Sample Code

Demo VM

A Linux desktop VM and setup guide with VNC, Wireshark, IPerf and a Minecraft Server.


A virtual machine and developer guide preconfigured to host Docker Containers.

Tiny VM

A minimal virtual machine and guide to understand the basics or to start building your own app.


Packaging Script - A shell script to create all the necessary OVA components and build the OVA

Virt-Manager - An open source virtual machine manager to customize your KVM.

What Others are Doing

Computer Associates


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The DevNet Community is the
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