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Mantl will continue as a community-driven project, and will soon be archived on DevNet.

Mantl Tutorial

Installing Mantl

Mantl is an open source cloud agnostic platform from Cisco. In this tutorial we are going to walk through installing Mantl on AWS. The process is similar for all cloud providers supported by Mantl.

Mantl Features

Cloud Native Platform

Comprehensive end to end pre-packaged, pre-integrated and Cisco validated container stack open source components

Hybrid Application Workloads

Optimally meet the needs of IT Admins and Application developers focused on Hybrid Cloud workloads

Simple Infrastructure Deployments

Ease-of-use and optimized infrastructure stack deployments for IT Operation

Web scale infrastructure

Enable infrastructure scale on demand and with optimal deployment performance.

Understanding Mantl

Mantl is Cisco’s Open Source multi-orchestrator container stack, capable of running workloads in Mesos, Marathon and/or Kubernetes. This powerful platform unifies service discovery and load balancing, enabling multi-cloud deployments.

Learn How to Code with Mantl

Featured Learning Track

Cloud Native Applications

Cloud Native applications are built to run on Cloud platforms, typically using a microservices architecture. You will be introduced to Cisco Shipped and Mantl in this learning track.

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Mantl Sandbox

Design, develop and test a new microservice application using a shared instance of Mantl. The Mantl sandbox provides developers with the necessary tools and services for deploying and running a cloud native application. This alwaysOn sandbox is here as a learning tool and as a place to verify the application’s interoperability.

Try Mantl

Try Mantl

Need More Help?

Getting Started Guide

Become familiar with Mantl using these step by step instructions for deploying and operating a Mantl cluster on a supported cloud host of your choice.

Mantl Documentation

Read more about what’s under the hood in Mantl. This powerful platform is explained in detail, providing guidance on components and how this containerized solution benefits the developer.


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