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Popular technologies for mobile apps

iOS: Fast Lane Validation Program

Transform and innovate your business by prioritizing business-critical apps easily over your enterprise wireless network with QoS tagging.

Cisco Meraki

Gain visibility into the network users, their devices, and their apps with the Cisco Meraki Location Analytics API and custom splash pages.

Cisco Spark

Explore the Cisco Spark community and learn how to create your own bots and integrations. Find all of the resources you need to get started.

Real-time location service

Use Cisco CMX API to develop location-enabled apps with the intelligence in your wireless network and give visitors a better experience.

Voice and messaging solution

Use Tropo API to add SMS, voice calls, voice recording, transcription, conferencing, text to speech and more to your mobile app.

All Cisco SDKs for iOS

Explore how Cisco wireless networks, iPhones and iPads are working together to deliver a great mobile experience for apps.

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Cisco Meraki: Build a WiFi Hotspot

Cisco Meraki ExCap API provides a flexible way of creating a custom WiFi hotspot splash page.

Learn Cisco Meraki API  

Cloud Collaboration

Add business messaging and automated phone interactions to apps with Spark and Tropo APIs.

Learn Cisco Spark & Tropo APIs  

Cisco Location Based Services

Understand the rich analytics available from CMX and MSE location services.