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As many media applications become pervasive in an organization and more different devices and video, voice and data applications are used, new demands are placed on the network. It can be challenging to accommodate all application needs while reducing complexity, planning for capacity, assuring that your business critical applications (including voice and data) are not impacted and providing the best possible user experience.
A medianet is an end-to-end architecture for a network comprising advanced, intelligent technologies and devices in a platform optimized for the delivery of rich-media experiences. In essence it is a set of capabilities available in Cisco router, switches and endpoints to help IT deploy, manage, troubleshoot and optimize business and collaboration applications of all types (video, voice and data!)
The Systems Management program allows you to create and enhance your workflows and reports to achieve all that leveraging the medianet media monitoring and media awareness features:

  • Performance Monitor: Provides performance statistics (packet loss, jitter, etc.) based on analysis of user traffic and allows creating application class-specific threshold crossing alerts

  • Mediatrace: Helps network operators understand the status and health of a network path by collecting critical information hop by hop, on specific media streams as they traverse the network

  • IPSLA Video Operations (traffic simulation): Helps network operators validate whether a network is ready for video and rich-media applications by stressing the network path with realistic, application-specific media streams

Let's work together to help our customers leverage medianet features in their networks to monitor the performance, validate network configurations and accelerate troubleshooting so they can deploy and manage their video, voice and data with more confidence and lower costs.
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