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Open NX-OS
Open NX-OS on the Cisco Nexus platform exposes APIs, data models, and programmatic constructs. Using APIs and configuration agents, operators can affect configuration changes in a more programmatic way.
Model driven programmability
Application hosting
Streaming telemetry
Configuration Management
Day zero provisioning
Developer tools
Learn to program the network
Model driven programmability Model-driven programmability inherits the power of models, making it easier to configure network devices.

The solution lies in using data models – a programmatic and standards-based way of writing configurations to any network device. Use it to replace the process of manual configuration and implement YANG as the de-facto data modeling language.
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Application hosting Application hosting supports third-party off-the-shelf applications built using Linux tool chains, to allow tighter integration and expansion of NXOS functions. Read More Streaming telemetry Streaming telemetry is a new paradigm for network monitoring in which data is streamed from devices continuously with efficient, incremental updates. Operators can subscribe to the specific data items they need, and receive the data in the format that best meets their needs. Read More Configuration Management Network Automation is a critical part of today’s succesful Datacenter deployments. Learn about tools and frameworks that can be used to uplevel your deployment. Read More Day zero provisioning Cisco NX-OS’s POAP is a Day 0 solution to configure a switch without user intervention. Built to fully leverage the power of NXOS, POAP provides a flexible solution, provisioning the network infrastructure without requiring a network engineer present at install. Read More Developer tools On Cisco Nexus we provide a multitude of aids to help programmers build test environments with NX-OS, with virtual Nexus 9000s available for various hypervisors. Vagrant boxes provide easy to configure, reproducible, and portable work environments. Read More
Test your code in the NX-OS Sandbox
The NX-OS Sandbox provides developers with zero-cost, immediate access to infrastructure and platforms to develop and run code against 24x7.
Open NX-OS Programmability
The "Open NX-OS Programmability" Always-On Sandbox provides an environment to developers and network engineers to test their applications or scripts that use the variety of APIs and interfaces available for Open NX-OS (Nexus 3000 and 9000 family of switches).
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