Open Plug N Play is no longer being developed or supported and has been archived on DevNet.

Cisco Open Plug-n-Play Agent Overview

Cisco Open Plug-n-Play solution allows customers to reduce the costs associated with deployment/installation of network devices, increase the speed and reduce the complexity of deployments without compromising the security. Using Cisco Plug-n-Play solution, customers can do Zero Touch Installs of Cisco gear in various deployment scenarios and deployment locations. Plug-n-Play provides same user experience for routers and switches whether they are being installed in a campus or branch or a data center.

Cisco Plug-n-Play unifies the existing solutions, provides consistent user experience across platforms and across deployment locations with built-in security based on X.509 Certificate (SUDI). Plug-n-Play is open and based on industry standard protocols like DHCP, DNS, HTTP/HTTPS and XMPP. Customers and partners have the ability to integrate with their existing tools and customize the installation process as required by their business processes. A Cisco cloud hosted redirection service is offered in Plug-n-Play solution to address scenarios where a small branch/satellite location needs to be deployed in a zero touch way. And lastly, optional but very useful Plug-n-Play mobile applications on Apple iOS and Android devices are provided to simplify the router/switch installations by non-skilled staff.

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