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OpenDaylight Projects at Cisco

This table lists OpenDaylight (ODL) projects in which Cisco contributors play an important role.

Project Description Status Code
AAA Generalized model for authorization, authentication, and accounting functions Available as of Helium
Armoury Provide mechanism for ODL apps to request network functions from disparate workload managers and/or upstream orchestrators Planned for Beryllium
BGP LS PCEP Southbound plugins to support:
  • BGP link state distribution as a source of L3 topology info
  • PCEP to instantiate paths in underlying network
Available as of Helium
DLUX OpenDaylight User Experience Available as of Helium
Documentation Build the content infrastructure, improve the user content for the various ODL projects, and ensure continued quality in the content n/a
Group Based Policy (GBP) Allows users to express network configuration in a declarative versus imperative way, providing an intent system Available as of Lithium
IoTDM Provide a data-centric middleware that acts as a oneM2M compliant IoT Data Broker (IoTDM) that enables authorized applications to retrieve IoT data uploaded by any device Available as of Lithium
L2 Switch Provides Layer 2 specific handling via a set of reusable services Available since Helium
Lisp Flow Mapping Adds Locator ID Separation Protocol (LISP) support to ODL. LISP provides a flexible map-and-encap framework that can be used for overlay network apps, such as NFV Available as of Hydrogen
NETCONF NETCONF and RESTCONF functionality for ODL Planned for Beryllium
Neutron Northbound Communication from ODL mechanism driver in OpenStack to the neutron service in ODL, and methods of passing information received to multiple ODL providers Available as of Lithium
NeXt Network centric topology UI component to display large complex network topologies, aggregated network nodes, and traffic/path/tunnel/group visualizations via different layout algorithms, map overlays, and preset user friendly interactions. NeXt can work together with DLUX to build ODL apps. Planned for Beryllium
ODL Root Parent Provides common settings for all projects participating in simultaneous release. Contains a POM that includes common external dependencies, distribution management, plugin management, repository information, etc., that is common to all the projects Available as of Lithium
OpenDaylight Controller A highly available, modular, extensible, scalable, and multi-protocol Controller infrastructure built for SDN deployment on modern heterogeneous multi-vendor networks Available as of Hydrogen
PCMM Develop a PacketCable PCMM/COPS southbound plugin and supporting modules to allow ODL controller to provision CMTS as a network element that manages service flows with dynamic QoS Available as of Helium
Secure Network Bootstrapping Securely and automatically bring up an integrated set of network devices and controllers Available as of Helium
Service Function Chaining Provides ability to define ordered lists of network services (e.g. firewalls, load balancers). These services are then "chained" together in the network to create a service chain Available as of Helium
YANG PubSub Allows subscriptions to be placed on targeted sub trees of YANG datastores residing on remote devices such that changes are pushed to controller without requiring a continuous set of fetch requests Planned for Beryllium
YANG Tools Tooling and libraries to support NETCONF and YANG for Java (JVM-language based) projects and applications, such as Model Driven SAL for Controller (which uses YANG as it's modeling language) and NETCONF / OFConfig plugins Available as of Helium