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OpenDaylight Overview

OpenDaylight is an open source project within the Linux Foundation focused on Software Defined Networking (SDN). It began in 2013 when fifteen founding companies donated software and development resources to create a platform that is highly available, modular, extensible, scalable and supports multiple protocols on heterogeneous multi-vendor networks. Today, the OpenDaylight platform boasts over 2.5M lines of code from more than 600 contributors, providing a model-driven service abstraction layer that allows you to easily develop applications for a wide variety of hardware and southbound protocols.

The OpenDaylight platform provides diverse modules that can be applied to your use cases. You can download OpenDaylight directly to create your own service architecture, or take advantage of one of the numerous OpenDaylight-based commercial offerings, including the Frinx OpenDaylight Distribution. A large and growing number of plugins make it easy to incorporate additional functionality or integrate with legacy or proprietary network components. Furthermore, close cooperation with other open source communities, such as OpenStack and OPNFV make it straightforward to incorporate OpenDaylight into larger platforms aimed at Network Function Virtualization (NFV), Internet of Things (IoT), etc.