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OpenStack Overview

OpenStack is a large open source software project that provides a platform for creating, operating, and consuming public and private clouds. OpenStack abstracts key elements of a datacenter - compute, storage, and networking resources, into pools of resource accessible by a unified API. As a OpenStack cloud tenant or a cloud application, you can use these APIs to provision these resources within the limits set by the administrator.

Cisco’s technical and operational involvement with OpenStack is through various OpenStack projects.

Cisco’s involvement with OpenStack
Code contributions across OpenStack projects
Bringing Cisco integrations into OpenStack ecosystem
and services
  • Code contribution across OpenStack projects
    Cisco is an active contributor and reviewer of code in the OpenStack community across several OpenStack projects, including Neutron, Horizon, Kolla, Magnum, and Barbican
  • Bringing Cisco integrations into OpenStack ecosystem
    Product integrations with OpenStack services enable running Cisco solutions in an OpenStack deployment.
  • Cisco NFV Infrastucture
    Solution provides the compute, storage, networking infrastructure, and management and assurance capabilities to run virtualized network functions.
  • Cisco Metacloud
    OpenStack based private cloud, providing self-service access to compute, networking, and storage resources for rapid development via a GUI console, unified CLI, or OpenStack and AWS APIs
  • Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure for OpenStack
    Support and Professional services for running OpenStack on Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS)
  • Cisco applications and services that run using OpenStack
    Integration of Cisco applications and data services that use OpenStack as a cloud operating system and send requests using OpenStack APIs or SDKs. Examples include Cisco Shipped, Cisco Spark

As per Stackalytics, Cisco’s code and review contribution in the community for the OpenStack release codenamed Newton is captured below –

Code Commits

Code Reviews

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