Cisco’s role in OPNFV

Cisco is a founding member of OPNFV. Cisco’s membership status is “platinum”, which means that Cisco is represented in both the OPNFV board as well as the Technical Steering Committee (TSC).

For Cisco, OPNFV is a perfect complement to Cisco’s NFVI solution. OPNFV provides a great foundation by putting in place infrastructure that allows for continuous integration, test, and enhancement of NFV infrastructure components as an automated system. OPNFV continuously and automatically retrieves a set of components from upstream projects (details on the target system state for Arno, the first OPNFV release, are found on the OPNFV wiki), integrates them, installs the system reference hardware, and runs automated test suites against this reference deployment. As such OPNFV provides for a great foundation for enhanced solution and systems development for NFV infrastructure, and Cisco complements and evolves OPNFV by offering enhanced NFVI , which integrates industry leading components such as VPP instead of the default OVS as virtual forwarder.

Cisco is involved in multiple projects in OPNFV including:

Project Description Code
Bootstrap/Get-Started The project that “bootstrapped” OPNFV and provided the foundation for first OPNFV release (Arno release)
FuncTest Functional testing of the platform that OPNFV creates
VSPerf Performance testing and evaluation of virtual forwarders (“vswitches”)
Genesis Consolidation of requirements across different deployment tools/installers to achieve a common user experience for OPNFV
PolicyTest Testing modules specific to policy testing and the group-based policy approach
Releng Release engineering for OPNFV
SFC Service Function Chaining in OPNFV

OPNFV leverages a series of labs for its development and testing. The OPNFV reference lab (see Pharos Project) is hosted by the Linux Foundation and is based on Cisco UCS-B blade servers.

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