What is PAWS?

The Platform Administrative Web Service (PAWS) is a XML/SOAP based interface that allows applications to initiate and monitor upgrades on multiple Unified Communications clusters from a single management client.

The PAWS interface facilitates large scale Unified Communications deployments and upgrades.

PAWS is a new publicly available interface in Unified Communications 9.0(1).

The following platform upgrade and administrative tasks can be performed using PAWS:

  • Upgrade
  • Switch version
  • Reboot
  • Get node information, such as version
  • Cancel an upgrade installation that is in progress.
  • Obtain hardware specifications.
  • Retrieve installed options on active and inactive partitions.
  • Determine which products are deployed.
  • Reboot systems without switching partitions.
  • Determine if an upgrade or a COP file is valid.

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