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Technical Overview

Explore an expanded overview of Prime Home Compatible and the business benefits it provides.

Cisco Prime™ Home is a cloud-based network management platform based on the Broadband Forum's TR-069 suite of protocols for management of devices in the home.

Prime Home Compatible is a device interoperability program that verifies if a device works with Cisco Prime Home. Cisco encourages device partners to adhere to standards, but at the same time recognizes that sometimes the most practical approach is to use a non-standard driver* to work around a problem rather than requiring the device firmware to change.

Once the interop testing and driver creation process is complete, the device partner:
• Can be confident that the device will work with the Cisco Prime Home in the real world
• Is authorized to display a Cisco Compatible logo

* In this context, a driver is a software module that runs as part of Cisco Prime Home and translates between the Prime Home application's logical (protocol-independent) data model and the device's data model. If the device has been implemented according to Broadband Forum standards the standard drivers will suffice with no additional labor required.

If the device does not support all the necessary objects/parameters, a custom driver must be written. Currently, drivers can only be written by Cisco personnel, but future product plans include making self-service driver creation tools available.

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