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Continuous Delivery

Leverage source code management, build pipelines and deployment tools for a complete continuous delivery solution for containerized application


Deploy across both private and public cloud providers: AWS, Google Compute Engine running Mantl cluster

Microservices & Docker-Enabled

Accelerate modern containerized Microservices from idea to production quickly. Deploy Docker containers to production with zero downtime

Enterprise Ready

Reduce complexity with Enterprise grade multi-tenancy, availability, security, policy management and analytics

Containerized Application Development Lifecyle with Shipped

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Featured Learning Track

Cloud Native Applications

Cloud Native applications are built to run on Cloud platforms, typically using a microservices architecture. You will be introduced to Cisco Shipped: a full container cloud native dev/test lifecycle platform. You will also be introduced to Mantl, an open source and extensible installer package of popular Cloud Native tools for cluster management, scheduling, and container deployment.

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Shipped Sandbox

Quickly set up a local development environment with just a few simple commands. Write code, check-in, debug errors and deploy application to Shipped sandbox.

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Getting Started Guide

Step-by-step instructions to build, deploy, and run containerized applications in the cloud with Shipped

User Guide

Read how to build, deploy, and run modern application in containers using the Cisco Shipped web interface, API, and CLI