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SocialMiner Product Name Change
Starting 12.5(1), SocialMiner has been renamed to Customer Collaboration Platform. The software and the developer documentation is now available under Unified Contact Center Express. All behavior and functionalities of the product remain the same.
Test your code in a Customer Collaboration Platform Sandbox The Customer Collaboration Platform Sandboxes are a Cisco cloud service provided to help customers, partners, and developers quickly integrate their solutions with a number of Cisco technologies. The Customer Collaboration Platform Sandboxes provides a developer with an environment to design, develop and test custom applications using the Customer Collaboration Platform RESTful APIs. VIEW ALL!sandbox _blank /images/Contact_Center_Express_12.5_SU1.png Contact Center Express 12.5(1) SU1 Sandbox (with Customer Collaboration Platform) _blank Contact Center Express 12.5(1) SU1 Sandbox Try out the Cisco Unified Contact Center Express Sandbox that includes Customer Collboration Platform. Use it to try out the Customer Collaboration Platform REST APIs. Reserve it now _blank button btn-primary btn-lg-wider Questions? We are here to help. Bring your questions to the Customer Collaboration Platform community! Engage, collaborate and share with your fellow experts in the developer forum. Join the discussion button btn-lg-wide btn-outline-white