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What is Cisco Spark?

Space to create, share, and get work done together.

Cisco Spark  

Cisco Spark - Create. Share. Do.

Everything teams need for messages, meetings, and calls. Always available.

  •  Meetings, video calling, sharing, messaging and more in the cloud
  •  Backed by Cisco security and reliability
  •  Extensible and flexible integrations and APIs

Spark Board  

A touch-based, all-in-one collaboration device

Share presentations, documents, and whiteboard drawings in stunning 4K UHD.

  •  Create together.
  •  Draw. Whiteboard. Edit.
  •  Save and share

Learn to create your own Cisco Spark apps

Cisco Spark API 101

If you’re new to Cisco Spark API, this is where to start. You’ll learn what Cisco Spark Apps are, and take a tour of the REST API features.

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Build your own Apps

Can’t wait to create Bots and Integrations of your own? This module provides guidance in JavaScript and applies with other languages.

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Integrate in minutes

Learn to automate and extend Cisco Spark with no to little coding. Browse and pick a learning lab among Zapier,…

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Looking for more resources?

This curated list will help you find samples and ready-to-use frameworks in various languages, as well as tools to be more productive.

Explore the Cisco Spark essentials

Interactive API docs

Read through the documentation and experiment it live with 'Test mode'.

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Cisco Spark Depot

This is your one-stop place to discover and connect Cisco Spark Integrations and Bots. You're a click away to enriching your Cisco Spark Experience.

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24/7 technical support

Get 24/7 technical support for free. Join the #Spark4Dev room where you can ask questions and get help to troubleshoot issues.

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Security Whitepaper

Drill down into Cisco Spark Cloud platform's architecture and end-to-end security principles.

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See what others are creating!

See what others are creating!

                    Room Finder
By Guillaume Morini

Need to find an available conference room in your building in the next 2 hours?

                    DevNet Events
By Stève Sfartz

List current and future Cisco DevNet events. Bonus: comes with an event REST API.

By Marcello Federico

Move an email thread to a Spark Room using Mailgun..

Share your Cisco Spark app

Share your Spark app creations and learn from others!


Be inspired by your peers by browsing their code in various languages.


  •  Create your first Spark Bot in NodeJS
  •  Build a Bot in minutes with a PaaS
  •  Deploy your own Spark Integration


After you build your app, showcase it in the catalog!

Cisco Spark Depot

Onboard with the DevNet Evangelists

Tell us about your Cisco Spark creations, meet us at a DevNet supported event or message us on Cisco Spark

Stève Sfartz


David Staudt


Tessa Mero


Austin Hyland


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Get started in the Cisco Spark Depot

Share your Spark app in the catalog!