Cisco IoE Software Platforms and Services

The Internet of Everything (IoE) is upon us. Disruptive technology forces - mobile, social, M2M communications, cloud, data and analytics - are creating different challenges for businesses today. User expectations are changing, processes are rapidly disaggregating, more data is coming online, and resulting in a device intensive environment. Cisco has developed next generation engagement, integration, analytics, and automation capabilities to help today’s enterprise succeed in an IoE World.


Below are the technologies that Cisco has made available to developers to support new enterprise requirements.

Enterprise Mobility Services Platform (EMSP)

The Cisco® Enterprise Mobility Services Platform (EMSP) enables the rapid delivery of context-aware mobile experiences. It integrates Cisco network infrastructure capabilities with enterprise and cloud systems, creating ready-to-use modules for mobile, web, and native applications.

Using EMSP mobile development tools, you can build mobile app experiences that create closer customer relationships and increase employee productivity. The platform enables you to:

  • Create mobile apps through tight integration with your network infrastructure
  • Integrate mobile experiences into back-end enterprise systems and applications
  • Enable mobile experiences with a cloud-based, drag-and-drop interface using prebuilt modules
  • Protect your existing mobile application and development studio investments
  • Use ready-to-go solutions, specific to your vertical industry, so you can create mobile experiences in minutes


Cisco Integration Platform

Cisco Integration Platform combines a lightweight integration bus and end-to-end API management with full governance and security at every stage. Using Cisco Integration Platform, developers can design better APIs, deploy them with a unified platform, and integrate applications to create innovative user-centric experiences.


Customer Experience Solutions

Cisco Customer Experience Solutions provide an omnichannel experience using data collected through social media and customer applications to provide personalized experiences in a variety of interactive formats. These solutions are designed to be developer friendly with built-in tools and widely used standards to enable the development of full-functioned interactive applications.


Data Virtualization

Cisco Data Virtualization is agile data integration software that makes it easy to access data, no matter where it resides. Our platform lets you query all types of data across the network as if it were in a single place. With access to your data, you can make better decisions, adapt to change more quickly, and reduce costs.