Docs /docs/task-routing Community _blank Support _blank Technology Collaboration Find Task Routing sample code and scripts HTML Task Sample Application _blank The HTML Task sample is an example of using the Customer Collaboration Platform Task API from JavaScript. This sample uses both GET and POST methods to initiate tasks, the GET to poll for task status, and using DELETE to cancel tasks. HTML, JavaScript Sample ICM Script _blank The sample script is an example on how to script muti-channel routing and queuing. CCE Script Finesse Task Management Gadget _blank The Task Management Gadget illustrates how to use the Finesse Task Routing JavaScript APIs such as logging in and out, changing state and accepting tasks. JavaScript Test your code in a PCCE Sandbox Task Routing Sandbox is the Cisco cloud service provided to help customers, partners, and developers quickly integrate their solutions with a number of Cisco technologies. The Task Routing Sandbox provides a developer with an environment to design, develop and test using the Task Routing RESTful APIs. View all /docs/task-routing/#!sandbox _blank /images/PCCE_12.6.png PCCE 12.6 Sandbox _blank PCCE 12.6 Sandbox The PCCE sandbox has been preconfigured for you to jump into using Task Routing! Use it to try out various Task Routing REST APIs via SocialMiner and Finesse. There is even a Task Routing Finesse sample gadget and a SocialMiner form to send tasks! Reserve it now _blank button btn-primary btn-lg-wider
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Customer Collaboration Platform Customer Collaboration Platform provides the ability to submit multichannel tasks to Contact Center Enterprise and poll the status of individual tasks. Learn more Finesse Finesse provides the ability to manage agent states for individual multichannel media and the ability handle the multichannel tasks just like how it can handle voice calls.. Learn more
Questions? We are here to help. /pubhub/img/support-ticket.png /site/support _blank GET SUPPORT NOW Developer Support Login to Cisco DevNet to purchase a developer support ticket for one-on-one assistance from a Cisco engineer. /pubhub/img/support-forum.png _blank JOIN THE DISCUSSION Task Routing Community Bring your questions to the Task Routing community! Engage, collaborate and share with your fellow experts in the developer forum.