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Explore UCS and HyperFlex Developer Documents Cisco HyperFlex https://developer.cisco.com/docs/ucs-dev-center-hyperflex/#!overview _blank Check out the Cisco HyperFlex REST API Reference Guide, Getting Started Guide, and Command Line Interface Guide for administrators and application developers. Cisco UCS Management https://developer.cisco.com/docs/ucs-dev-center/#!ucs-management-overview _blank Check out the Cisco UCS Manager, UCS Central, and UCS IMC programming guides, SDKs, tech talks, platform emulators and more. Cisco UCS Director https://developer.cisco.com/docs/ucs-dev-center-ucs-director/#!choosing-an-api _blank Check out the UCS Director REST API Reference Guide, Getting Started Guide, CloupiaScripts, and Open Automation Docs.
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Test your code in this UCS-related sandbox Cisco Intersight provides intelligent cloud-based infrastructure management with embedded analytics for the Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS) and Cisco HyperFlex platforms. VIEW ALL https://developer.cisco.com/docs/ucs-dev-center/#!sandbox/ucs-sandboxes _blank Cisco Intersight Sandbox https://devnetsandbox.cisco.com/DevNet/catalog/intersight-sandbox _blank Cisco Intersight Cisco Intersight sandbox offers an intelligent level of management that enables IT organizations to analyze, simplify, and automate their environments in more advanced ways than the prior generations of tools. Check it out https://devnetsandbox.cisco.com/DevNet/catalog/intersight-sandbox _blank button btn-primary btn-lg-wider
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