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Utilities Industry : An Overview


Today’s utility industry is focused on securing critical infrastructure and modernizing the aging electric grid. Identified as critical national infrastructure by most nations, utilities are under pressure to assure 24/7 reliability and availability of generation and distribution systems. If you or your customer is a Utility Operator, you are probably looking for ways to get more value out of existing facilities and investments, while continuing to manage costs and achieve regulatory compliance. Cisco addresses these concerns with powerful new solutions and services based on the Cisco technology for the Utilities Industry.

With Cisco's technology for the Utilities Industry, you will be able to build applications and implementations that will achieve your modernization goals and secure you and your customer's future.

Cisco technology for the Utilities Industry includes:

Through leveraging ANS, your clients and customers will enjoy:

Cisco has made available two technologies to help developers leverage ANS:

Cisco-enabled Grid Devices (CEGD)

Cisco has developed IP-enabling technology to allow you to help turn your Grid into a Smart Grid. The technology includes automation sensors and control devices (e.g. IEDs, pole-top devices), Smart Meters (Electric, Gas, and Water), generation sensors and controllers (e.g. solar inverters), and electric vehicles and charging stations. With this technology you can apply it to your own Smart Grid challenges.


Field Area Networks (FAN)

A Cisco product family and technology to bring the first multiservice communications infrastructure to the utility field area network. Cisco offers opportunities for developing joint solutions in this areas to select industry developers interested in adding hardware and software value.