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Discover the WAN Automation Engine (WAE)
WAN Automation Engine The WAE network model WAE and the Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) WAE and the Segment Routing Path Computation Element (SR-PCE) WAE API Overview See how the simulation and optimization capabilities of WAE can be exercised with a comprehensive set of APIs. WAE Documentation & Tutorials WAE Design RPC API WAE Optimization and Prediction (OPM) API Module Tutorials
Try it out on dCloud /images/sandbox-small.png _blank Cisco WAN Automation Engine 7.6.0 with SR and SR-PCE v1 In this demo you will see how SR-PCE can get live topology information from the network and WAE can visualize this information. /images/sandbox-small.png _blank Cisco WAN Automation Engine Live 7.5.0 v1 WAE Live is a web-based application that will examine the models produced by the server by putting the data in a time-series data store. It features a topology weather map, table view of the data and a reporting engine used to evaluate the time-series information.