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NBR Web Services



Network-Based Recording (NBR) is the newest recording option available to Cisco WebEx Web Conferencing customers on release WBS25 or higher. NBR enables you to capture all session content (chat, Q&A, polling, etc.), including WebEx Web Conferencing integrated audio, VOIP audio, or third-party audio conference for later playback and future reference.

Recorded data is stored on the high availability, dedicated physical storage servers within the WebEx Web Conferencing secure data center facilities. Each facility is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To gain access to any facility, one must be on the approved-access list managed by the WebEx Web Conferencing security team. Access is further controlled by biometric security devices.

All recording data is backed up daily. Backed up data is stored both locally and remotely for 90 days.

SOAP API Requests

A SOAP message is an XML document. It consists of a mandatory SOAP envelope, an optional SOAP header, and a mandatory SOAP body. The envelope is the top element of the XML document and is represented by an envelope element. The envelope can contain namespace declarations as well as additional attributes such as encoding style.

The target service address differs depending on the location of the NBR Web Service and follows the following format:
http://[data center specific domain]/nbr/services/nbrXMLService

Contact the API Developer Services team ( to get the exact URL for your site.

The NBR APIs allow users to access information that is unavailable through the Cisco WebEx Web Conferencing XML API Reference Guide

Visit here for examples of API Responses.

An overview detailing the three WebEx Web Conferencing service roles.

An example of the WSDL Listings implentation.