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TSP API Reference

TSP 3.5.4 Release Notes

Prior TSP releases allow audio integrated partners to notify WebEx Web Conferencing of all speaking attendees; however, there is currently no known method that allows signifying one person as the primary speaker, or sorting the speakers by energy volume. TSP 3.5.4 aims to bridge this gap and extend improved support for rich collaborative sessions to Cisco WebEx Meeting Partners.

TSP Release Notes 3.5.3

TSP 3.5.3 is largely focused on new, and enhanced, signaling logic that is required to allow TDM cascading between Cisco audio platforms and third-party audio bridges. TSP 3.5.3 adds support for brokering the cascade link between the Cisco TelePresence CTMS system

TSP 3.5.1 Release Notes

TSP 3.5.1 is a mid-train release that is designed to solidify the WebEx Web Conferencing audio integration architecture. This release contains no new features or functionality from a product standpoint.

TSP Release Notes 3.4

TSP 3.4 is designed to work in conjunction with WebEx Web Conferencing Business Suite 27 (WBS27); however, it is backward compatible to WBS25. WBS27 adds many new capabilities to the WebEx Web Conferencing Audio Integration platform, but only one of them effects the TSP API directly. All other features were added to the WebEx Web Conferencing platform and utilize existing APIs.

TSP Reference Bridge Guide 3.4

The WebEx Web Conferencing Telephony API Guide covers the following key points related to specific information for TSPs (teleconferencing service providers) to integrate their audio conferencing network with WebEx Web Conferencing standard Telephony API

TSP 3.5.6 Schema

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TSP 3.4 Schema

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