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XML API 11.0.0 SP8 Release Notes

Important: The XML API 11.0.0 SP8 release changes some schema definitions. For the latest schema definitions, see the release notes announcements page. The features in this release are backward compatible with previous releases.



This release note describes the changes made in the release of WebEx XML API 11.0.0 SP8. These changes apply to your integration with WBS 32.
All features are backward compatible with existing integrations. There are changes to the latest schema definitions explained below.


International call-in and call-out numbers in lstmeetingusageHistory and lsteventsessionHistory response

By customer request, the two APIs lstmeetingusageHistory and lsteventsessionHistory now show two additional elements for international toll call-in and toll-free call-in details in their XML response: tollCallInInternational and tollfreeCallInInternational.

Affected APIs

  • lstmeetingusageHistory

  • lsteventsessionHistory

  • Schema Changes


    LstmeetingUsageHistory changes


    LsteventsessionHistory changes

    Behavior Changed

    The lstmeetingusageHistory and LsteventsessionHistory APIs include two additional elements in the response, namely tollCallInInternational and tollfreeCallInInternational.

    Sample Response

    A sample response for lstmeetingusageHistory and LsteventsessionHistory includes the following:

    Sample tollCallHistoryResponse

    DB Design

    The fields are present in the current design.

    Known Issues


    API lstSummaryUser returns user role type per user

    By customer request, users can now call the lstSummaryUser API to return user role type per user:

    • siteadmin

    • RO_admin

    • host

    • attendee

    The new element userRoleType was added to the response of lstSummaryUser.

    Affected XML APIs


    Schema Changes

    A new field was added in response of lstSummaryUser API.

    Behavior Changes

    lstSummaryUser API will return userRoleType per user.

    Release Versions

    This feature is enabled in XMLAPI version 11.

    Known Issues


    Default 90-day query time range for API lstrecordaccessHistory

    Some customers reported that calling the API lstrecordaccessHistory may time out for queries with a large time range. In this release, the behavior of lstrecordaccessHistory was changed to apply a default 90-day query time range from the past 90 days to the current day. Queries that attempt to return a range greater than 90 days receive the error message: "030112: We only support a query maximum of 90 days' data from creationTimeStart to creationTimeEnd".

    Affected XML APIs:

    lstrecordaccessHistory (behavior only, no schema change)

    Known Issues


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