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WebEx Web Conferencing TSP API FAQ


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What is TSP API?
The WebEx Web Conferencing TSP API is an API that allows Teleconferencing Service Providers to integrate their audio conferencing service with WebEx. WebEx TSP Partners can offer WebEx to their customer base while retaining the audio conferencing business and the customer relationship. TSP API enables tight integration with WebEx, including active talker, mute/unmute, call in, callback, on-net callback, video switching, sub conferencing, invite by phone, etc.

What WebEx Web Conferencing features are supported in the TSP API?
Some of the key features supported with the Cisco WebEx Web Conferencing TSP API are:

  • Call in and call back teleconference
  • Mute, un-mute, and mute all participants
  • Sub-Conferencing
  • Identify active speaker
  • Global call in numbers

Other features can be referenced in the TSP API documentation.

Who should use the TSP API?
The TSP API is suggested for audio providers and audio bridge manufactures.

Can you use multiple audio providers with TSP?
No; each WebEx Web Conferencing site can only support a single audio provider. If a second audio providers information is needed, then the "Other" teleconferencing feature should be used.

Does WebEx Web Conferencing track or store any of the Telephony Service Providers usage data?
No; all usage data should be maintained from the Telephony Service Provider.