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Why integrate WebEx Web Conferencing with your CRM?

Have you considered integrating WebEx Web Conferencing services with your company's mainstream CRM and Helpdesk applications? If not, you should certainly consider it!

Often Customer Service Representatives (CSR) spend hours on the phone working directly with clients to solve technical issues. Not always are clients technically savvy so a lot of time is spent trying to understand the issue at hand. In such cases, the old saying "A picture is worth a thousand words!" certainly rings true.

  • Allow CSR to initiate WebEx Web Conferencing invites from within your company CRM tool.
  • Clients can easily join the WebEx Web Conferencing session by clicking the "Join Session" link within an email invite.
  • During the WebEx Web Conferencing session, clients and CSR can share screens, documents, or invite domain experts to the session for assistance with the issue.
  • WebEx Web Conferencing SMARTech application can also be utilized by the CSR to gain access to any computer in the customer's environment to review or modify system configurations, etc.

An easy WebEx Web Conferencing integration with your CRM tool will reduce turn-around time, eliminates multiple back-and-forth interactions, increase CSR productivity, and improves customer satisfaction.

Technical Integration

There are two WebEx Web Conferencing integration paths you can follow when integrating your CRM with WebEx Web Conferencing:

  1. Basic Integration
    • Create a custom action button or web link and place it on the help ticket screen.
    • The URL definition invokes a web browser window that calls the Support Center URL API to launch the session.
    • Once the WebEx Web Conferencing session is launched, the CSR can use the Support Center user interface to invite and interact with customers.
  2. Deeper Integration Features
    • Allow Single Sign-On (SSO) behavior with automated WebEx Web Conferencing user creation.
    • Capture support session data (such as date, time, customer, etc.) to include in an activity report or simply for reviewing purposes.